Look Within

The eyes help us look onto the world,
But our minds are our souls eyes
Can we see what’s bringing all that shine?
Look within and you shall find;
The sun-rays beaming bright
The wonderfully glimmering stars, and the balancing moonlight
The humbling mountain heights
Look within, my sweetheart, and you shall find
A delicate loving heart, so sweet and tender from the start
A beauty of nature with an endless horizon,
A pathway of a thousand miles,
through the wonders of the greatness inside
Look within, my favorite soul, and you shall hear
The sounds of ocean waves, so sincere
The soothing voice of wind blows to the ears
The symphony of laughter and tears
Look at your reflection and you shall find
A universe with all the planets and stars
The beauty of an Angelic Queen and Godess of Mars
A gorgeous canvas of a lake
With such beauty what do you make?
Do you sit and wonder, or admire and take?
Love, for life grows with every blink you make,
with your eyes set on it, its hard to contemplate
Appreciate yourself my dearest soulmate
You have a golden soul and a heart on a white slate

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