A Message From My Childish Soul

Here’s to a joyful day, and a message that is sent from the little kid inside me who’s absolutely in love with your pancake face.
You’re the Eggs to my Shakshoka 
You’re the Butter to my Basboosa 
You’re the Syrup to my Pancakes 🥞 
You’re the Sauce in my Steaks 🍖 
You’re the B to my MT 🥓 
You’re the Sugar to my Tea 🍵
You’re the Kit to my Kat 🍫 
You’re the Mars to my snack 
You’re the Fish to my Sushi 🍣
You’re the flavor to my Mochi 🇯🇵 
You’re the Shrimp to my Rice 🍛
You’re the Ketchup to my Fries 🍟
You’re the ma7ashi to my ba6a 
You’re the spicy in every sha6a 😂
You’re the Tahina to my Nutella 
You’re the Tomatoes to my Mozarella
Im hungry now and I want to eat all that, 
only with your help, then we lay on a mat 
Photo Credit: Time Magazine – @Greggsegal

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