Present and Here

Never mind the blur that your light will clear 💡

Never mind the pain that your heart might fear❤️

Never mind the stress that your mind could feel

Never mind the people that aren’t so sincere 🗣

Never mind the noise that your ears might hear🔇

Never mind the eyes that could shed a tear 😢

Never mind the times we’re not so near 🙇🏽

My soul is always present and here ✨

Holding your hands with a smile and cheer 😁🤗

Fighting any hardships with the sharpest spear🤺

With an open heart and a love so dear💕🌸

To better moments you hold and steer💃🏽

Love yourself and your shine will appear☀️

From where you are, to the entire global sphere ✨⭐️🌅

Be great, be kind, be beautiful, just like you are.

Like a shining blessing star ⭐️ I love you, like I’ve never loved before, I love you like I’ll never love again. My dearest, favorite human, my one and only duckling 💕

Have a wonderful day, filled with blessings, joy, health and love. I hear the echo of your heartbeat and sending my heart back with it.

I miss you.

Photo: Sufi Whirl Painting by Mawra Tahreem

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