Playing with sand at the farthest beach

Flocking birds above and sunset within reach

Reading random books until you fall asleep

At the comfort of my arms is where you find peace

And from your ‘good mornings’ I know what you need

Whether an early bird joke, or your favorite meal to eat

If it’s a bad day you always had my ears to reel

And if we argued, we both know what we meant from deep

I love how you ruin my jokes, and how on which is our favorite song we compete

And how you repeat stories, but those I love to hear

And how you tell me, in the stars and moon I made you believe

Endless conversations, and with our favorite words we greet

Tell me, aren’t those moments the ones you want to feel?

Hey, it’s still me, the same me

Hey, it’s still you, the same you

Hey, it’s still us, the same us

I know pain is distracting

It created a big cloud of dust

Blurry vision, but we make it clear

Hold my hand, and together we persevere

Hold my hand, and smile at fear

Hold my hand, and let’s live our dream for real

Hold my hand, because you see the beauty

In Us, in You, and In Me

Oh how I love your being,

Oh how much do I believe.

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