Don’t you?

I miss the softness of your skin

When my hands slide sending shivers within.

I miss the tenderness of your lips

When you kiss me as I grab your hips.

I miss the scent on your body

As I breathe you in, on God you’re my Bonnie.

I miss your wavy dark hair

Silky smooth bouncing in the air.

I miss your deep brown eyes

So dreamy, I don’t need to look up to the skies.

I miss the softness of your voice

Whispering “I love you, I want you”

Blocking all the noise.

I miss your cute little hugs

When I wrap my arms around you

And squeeze you until you shrug.

I miss giving you piggyback rides

So happily down the street, I shorten my strides


My beautiful sweetheart you,

I want to hold your hands forever,

And see this life through. ❤️


I want this dearly,

Don’t you?

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