Just like that

She held my hands

Told me she needs air

For her soul to be free

Little did I know

She was getting used to life without me

Never mentioned that it was us on the line

Was I naïve to think it’s a phase?

I waited

I let her be

I got frustrated

Lost it at times, in disarray

I just wanted her to know,

It’s ok not to be ok, I’m learning too

Deep down I prayed, for her heart to calm

Deep down I prayed, that I see what she sees

Deep down I prayed, she is stronger for herself, and for us

Deep down I prayed, that she sees what I see

Just like that,

She said we can’t be.

You have an abundance of love, you have a wonderful soul. Be you, always. I love you.

I must close this beautiful chapter, maybe temporarily, maybe forever. This is certainly the biggest heart-full heartbreak.

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