Nowhere to go,

The only heart that listened,

To my genuine calls,

Now frowns and growls.


When it’s a plea for help

To assure me of the unknown,

Unknown to me, but you know

Always carried my best interest,

With white lies to protect my soul,

How can I not expect this to unfold?

But my genuine call,

Was met with a frown and growl.


It seems, to respect that heart,

I can only listen,

And I would, happily so.

Because the slightest word,

From my aching soul,

Could be met with a frown and growl.

My heart is open,

To your love and pain,

When you cry at night,

Or when you tell me things in vain.

But Forgive me,

If I stop calling out your name,

When my days are dark,

And I try to find shelter from the rain,

Wandering around,

Only to stumble and scream of pain,

Forgive me,

If I don’t call out your name,

I don’t want you to frown,

I don’t want you to growl,

My pain, is not yours to sustain.

Lost, with nowhere to go.

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